Market: Rail

As Australia’s extensive rail network looks ahead to unprecedented infrastructure expansion, governments and other key stakeholders must ensure proportionate growth of the sector’s viability. Both safety and efficiency are equally critical elements to the success of our rail system and neither need be prioritised to the detriment of the other.

L+R have a proud twenty-year history of involvement in the resurgence of rail as a major contributor to the Australian economy.

From the massive expansion of Queensland’s coal network to the safety of regional Victorian level crossings and the development of major commuter stations, we have consulted and been employed in every aspect of the rail industry. We have also been engaged in the negotiation and procurement of freight and commuter rolling stock for both government and private entities across the country.

There is no rail project too small, too large or too complex for our team to deliver with exceptional results.

Sector Expertise

  • Change management
  • Commuter rail stations and Information systems
  • Contract negotiations and expert advice
  • Large heavy haul rail systems
  • Mine and port infrastructure
  • Rolling stock procurement
  • Safety systems
  • Signalling and controls

Market Services We Provide