Djarindjin Airport Master Plan

L+ R Airport Consulting was commissioned to prepare the Djarindjin Airport Master Plan by Peninsula Airport Management Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of Broome International Airport.

The Djarindjin Airport operates as an important staging point serving the offshore oil and gas development in the Browse Basin. The airport facilities are predominantly used by helicopters transiting between Broome and the offshore platforms. Fast turnarounds, hot refuelling and intensive activity during periods of cyclone threat characterise the unique operations. Fixed-wing activity includes aeromedical, charter and tourism operations serving the Djarindjin and Lombadina aboriginal communities.  

The Master Plan responded to the unusual mix of operational requirements by ensuring adequate helicopter refuelling positions were provided in the short-term, based on movement forecasts derived from BIA discussions with oil and gas companies. Planning was in full accordance with the latest CASA and ICAO standards and guidance for heliports. Development of this dedicated helicopter apron necessitated reconfiguration of the adjacent GA apron. Future expansion areas for both fixed and rotary wing aprons were identified.  

An Australian Noise Exposure Concept, together with obstacle limitation surfaces for aeroplanes and helicopters, was developed for inclusion in the Master Plan. 

Scope of Services Provided