Evans Head Defence Air Weapons Range

L + R undertook the 2012/2013 biannual water and sediment quality monitoring at the Evans Head Defence Air Weapons Range (EVDAWR) and the Wide Bay Training Area (WBTA).

The EVDAWR and WBTA are part of largely undisturbed ecosystems which contain both freshwater and estuarine ecosystems. Objectives of the biannual environmental monitoring program were to identify the contamination status of the aquatic systems and sediment associated with either Defence, anthropogenic and/or natural influences and provide information to support the long term sustainable management of the respective Defence sites.

Scope of Services Provided

  • Conducting two rounds of surface water and sediment sampling at 19 sampling sites at EVDAWR and conducting two rounds of surface water, groundwater and sediment sampling at 16 sampling sites at WBTA
  • Interpreting the sample results through comparison with known Trigger Values and historical data
  • Providing ESRI Shape files and a Spatial Data Management Plan (SDMP) and associated Environmental Data Specifications
  • Providing recommendations for the ongoing monitoring program and the future management and preservation of environmental values at the respective Defence sites
  • Preparing an Annual Report for each Defence site based on data collected from the two sampling rounds.
    L+R also reviewed the activities at the sites over time, assessing if there were changes, thereby affecting the water quality results. Results from the project assist environmental management of the Defence sites and will allow optimisation of the ongoing monitoring programs.