Glen Innes Airport Master Plan

Glen Innes Severn Council (GISC) engaged us to prepare a master plan for the Glen Innes Airport to guide investment in critical runway and airfield pavement infrastructure and deliver key objectives.

These objectives included:

  • Objectives which are key enablers for the continued safe and unrestricted operation of aircraft at the Glen Innes Airport in accordance with regulatory requirements and relevant aviation guidance;
  • Objectives which relate to developing a role for the airport as a sustainable community asset and driver of visitation; and
  • Objectives which provide guidance and direction to GISC in the form of a forward-looking site plan which identifies and safeguards a phased approach to development.


Although airline services are not a primary objective of the master plan, securing future-proofing for a range of relevant aviation services including private and business operators, charter and air taxi, pleasure flights and aviation events is essential, as is protection of critical community support functions including aeromedical operators and aerial firefighting. Appropriate use of airport land for complementary non-aviation uses was also considered.

Scope of Services Provided