Mount Beauty Airfield Upgrade Concept Design

L+R Airport Consulting was engaged by Alpine Shire Council to undertake a desktop review of proposed airport upgrade works, subsequent to a successful Regional Airports Program (RAP) funding application. Council seeking guidance on aspects of the proposals prior to committing to the funding implementation.

A review of Council’s previous concept design for the runway extension and widening was undertaken, to identify the degree of alignment with relevant CASA standards (Part 139 MOS 2019) and guidance (CAAP 92-2(2)). Following this review, some upgrades to the facilities were recommended by L+R Airport Consulting, in order to improve safety outcomes notwithstanding the lack of aerodrome certification.

We subsequently prepared an updated and more detailed concept design incorporating the agreed requirements and developed an updated preliminary cost estimate to assist with the re-negotiation of the Funding Application. This included a report summarising the key outcomes of our review.

As an additional but related task, Council sought some guidance with respect to provision for a possible parallel taxiway serving adjacent landholdings.

Our assistance to Alpine Shire Council on this project has helped non-expert senior Council team members to gain a greater understanding and appreciation of their essential airport asset. L+R Airport Consulting has helped define an appropriate scope of upgrades and ‘right sizing’ of the facilities and management arrangements to achieve Council’s long term strategic objectives for the facilities.