Perth Airport New Runway Project Airspace Impact Assessment

L+R Airport Consulting prepared preliminary airspace and flight path operational assumptions for use in the assessment of impacts for the Perth Airport New Runway Project (NRP).

The design developed concepts prepared by Airservices Australia, undertaken through a series of workshops between Perth Airport and Airservices, facilitated by L+R Airport Consulting. Flight

paths for visual and instrument Standard Terminal Arrival Routes (STARs) and Standard Instrument Departures (SIDs) were established with due consideration of best-practice design principles and the applicable airspace design ruleset. The design was complicated by the presence of restricted airspace associated with RAAF Base Pearce and the controlled airspace of Janadakot Airport, both of which had to be accommodated.

A concept of operations was established, with allocation rules for aircraft to each runway based on forecast schedules provided by Perth Airport. Allocation rules and fl­ight paths had to account for runway operating mode, meteorological conditions, vectoring altitudes, availability of the military airspace, and aircraft navigation capabilities. These assumptions were provided to the acoustic consultant for modelling of aircraft noise impacts.

Working to a challenging timeframe, L+R Airport Consulting developed key deliverables quickly and effectively, enabling critical deadlines to be achieved by the project team.

Scope of Services Provided